Peristaltic pump and constant flow pump and tubing pump pressure and lift


Peristaltic Pump’s Pressure and Lift Suction


Common peristaltic pump pressure of the tubing:
Peristaltic pumps and tubing pumps are squeezed by the flexible tubing to achieve the delivery of liquid. By the tubing itself, the pressure and suction rebound and displacement, so the peristaltic pump and tubing pump. The pressure is determined by the tubing. The main determinant is the tubing hardness and resilience. The use of different hardness of the tubing will produce different pressures, as follows:

1.Peristaltic pump tubing hardness is generally 55-60A, this tubing discharge pressure is generally between 0.07 ~ 0.17 MPa, the maximum pressure of the gap can reach 027MPa, imported non-silicone tubing hardness is generally 65A Around, the pressure generated by this peristaltic pump tubing will be relatively high. Then, under normal circumstances, the thinner the wall thickness, the larger the internal diameter of the discharge pressure and suction generated will be smaller. We can be considered in the selection of appropriate time. Detailed silicone tube pressure parameters, please see peristaltic pump silicone tubing detailed parameters table.
2.tubing pump and peristaltic pump suction stroke with Yang Cheng the same, if the hardness is higher, the resulting vacuum will be relatively high. Silicone tube usually produce suction within 8 meters of water column.
3.industrial hose pump hose hardness is very high, compressibility is small, so the flexibility is also very high, the vacuum can produce 95%, the discharge pressure is generally 0.6 ~ 1MPa, the maximum can reach 1.6MPa .
Peristaltic pump and hose pump head and suction height with other pumps, the actual flow generated by the pump will be affected by the size of the head and suction stroke, under normal circumstances suction and head higher, the actual flow with the theory The more traffic loss will be greater. Therefore, peristaltic pump and hose pump selection, if suction and lift requirements, then we must give full consideration to the difference between the theoretical flow and the actual flow.
In addition, the peristaltic pump and hose pump piping system pressure does not mean that the pump without resistance and back pressure in the case of pressure, without the back pressure valve, the pipeline if the pipe does not consider the resistance, the pressure is essentially zero, Only when the pipeline has a throttle or back pressure valve, will produce the corresponding pressure.
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