Peristaltic pump competition


JIHPUMP’s Competition

Constant current pump/peristaltic pump competition development as follows:

The beginning period: There were rarely 2 or 3 manufacturers which produced constant current pump/peristaltic pump in 2000, and the scale of manufacturers  are small. The whole year sales is less than 500 million, however, the profit is the highest, a peristaltic pump will have a 50% profit, so early manufacturers really make money. There are not too many peristaltic pump manufacturers at this stage, and many of them were experimenter. There is basically no competition in the market.

Developing period: From 2000 to 2006, the competition of constant current pump/peristaltic pump industry is relatively small. On the one hand, the users’ awareness is not high, the customer group did not grow, and the manufacturers basically didn’t change. The number of customers increased during this period, as some of the previous users tried to follow the buyer. Chongqing Jieheng Peristaltic Pump Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and began to produce peristaltic pumps at the beginning of this year. Only a few peristaltic pump manufacturers on the market have their own unique products and market positioning in addition to the production of conventional products. However, the profit of the product was also gradually declining due to competition at this time.



Mature period: From 2007 to 2010, a few new peristaltic pump manufacturers joined in. From 2010 to 2012, there was an outbreak of peristaltic pump manufacturers. The newly established companies started to copy the mature products of mature companies and maliciously compete at low price. Customers are also getting more mature, more and more aware of the constant flow pump peristaltic pumps. Just at this period, coinciding with China's rising commodity prices and the rapid rise in cost of capital costs, the profit declined rapidly. On the one hand the product sales price is rapidly declining, on the other hand operating costs are rapidly growing up, in which case the profits are essentially mercilessly suppressed. From 2007 to 2010, the manufacturers have as many as 15. Newly-established companies struggle to survive because of performance problems and financial pressure. Homogenization of the product on the market is very serious.



From 2011 to 2013, a number of new peristaltic pump manufacturers were added, and the competition in peristaltic pumps has been fully reflected in product manufacturing, service and R & D. Instead of focusing solely on the price of the product, the customer begins to pay more attention to product quality and service. By 2011, the new pump manufacturers may be established by ordinary people or some who is familiar with the products themselves, but after 2011,this approach is no longer available , Because it is more difficult for manufacturers lacking in capital and lack of experience of modern business management to survive in a highly competitive environment. Capital injection is made in this market of constant current pump peristaltic pumps. The newly established enterprise invests 50,000,000 yuan began a large-scale operation. This enterprise hopes through its own industry advantages and the strength of their own capital to win.

From the current form of view, the newly established companies to survive and obtain profits is indeed more difficult, however the peristaltic pump brand awareness of the industry is not high, but customer deposit is very important for this industry. As the market of the industry is not large, this is a large investment. To succeed requires a multi-pronged approach: first is to better research and development and product support, you need a very understanding of the market and customers in the market operation team; followed by constant current pump peristaltic pump promotion of a single industry channels and longer sales development cycle costs Higher, so there is also a need for integrated marketing system, each marketing module requires specialized personnel to operate; more important point is the cost of capital investment in the early product development and manufacturing costs are very high, while the late returns and the size of the market Not big. So this lever is too small, the return is not rich.



The market needs more excellent people to participate in the competition will be stronger and bigger, but the pure homogenization of the market is not conducive to competition, more of a waste of social resources and funds, so I hope constant flow pump counterparts to work together hand pump Good own products and services for China's constant current pump peristaltic pump to contribute to the development of the industry.



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