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Classification of Peristaltic Pump Drivers

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        The peristaltic pump driver can select the driving motor according to the required control type. Most pump manufacturers have considered the interchangeability between the pump head and the driver to some extent. This is particularly important in the initial stages of peristaltic pump testing and various researches. The peristaltic pump driver can be classified into the following two categories:

1. Fixed-speed driver
It represents a simple method of fluid delivery. The pump system can maintain a constant operating speed throughout its entire operation. Sometimes, the flow rate can also be changed by replacing the size of the pump tube.

2. Variable-speed driver
For applications that require a large range of flow rate adjustments, a variable-speed driver can be considered for peristaltic pumps. It requires skill to pump the correct flow rate at the right time. Variable-speed peristaltic pump drivers typically provide stepless speed changes between lower and higher speeds. Motor speed, reduction ratio, and percentage speed regulation are three key factors to consider when selecting a peristaltic pump driver. The reverse feature of the peristaltic pump driver helps to clean the suction line before replacing the pump tube.

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