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How to Maintain the Scheduling of Peristaltic Pumps?

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        The peristaltic pump is composed of three parts: the drive unitThe peristaltic pump is composed of three parts: the drive unit, the pump head, and the hose. The fluid is isolated within the pump tube, allowing for quick replacement of the tube, reversible flow of fluid, and dry operation with low maintenance costs. However, regular maintenance is required during its use.

        During daily use, it is recommended to replace the hose after prolonged usage to prevent the silicone tube from cracking. If the liquid leaks from the hose and enters the rollers of the pump head, and if corrosive liquid seeps into the gaps of the rollers, the pump head should be disassembled and cleaned promptly to avoid solidification due to oxidation, which may cause the pump head to get stuck. The hose should be replaced regularly based on the frequency of use or frequently moved to different positions. If the liquid has strong corrosive properties, it is advisable to choose a hose made of corresponding materials imported from abroad to prevent damage to the pump.

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