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Our company won the award for High-tech Enterprises

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Our company won the award for High-tech Enterprises

Warmly congratulate our Chongqing JIHPUMP Peristaltic Pumps Co., Ltd. won the award for  "high-tech Enterprises"! According to the relevant provisions of national “Administrative Measures for the Identification of High and New Technology Enterprises” and “Guidelines for the Identification Management of High and New Technology Enterprises”, JIHPUMP passed the strict examination and certification of governmental agencies once applied for it.

Chongqing Jieheng Peristaltic Pumps Co., Ltd. is located in Chongqing Airport Industrial Zone, covers an area of nearly 3,000m2. After more than 10 years of growth and development, the company achieves annual sales to more than 100,000 units peristaltic pumps, and has obtained ISO9001, CE, ROHS certifications and a number of proprietary intellectual property rights. With strong capacity of research and development, product quality control and advanced manufacturing, and after years of sustained, dedicated research and quality improvement, the company’s innovative technological achievements have reached the leading level in China, and been preferred by many customers. The products provided by JIHPUMP with system solutions and pollution-free, accurate transmission, has become an alternative to substitute imported products to meet the high-end applications.

As a responsible enterprise, Chongqing JIHPUMP Peristaltic Pumps Co., Ltd. will uphold its consistent spirit of "pioneering and innovative" and advantages of "high-tech enterprise", basing on marketing application demand, supply more scientific application solutions and better performance, higher quality products.


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