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What are the preparations for starting up a peristaltic pump?

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Before starting the peristaltic pump, it is necessary to prepare well. This preparation work is often overlooked by peristaltic pump operators, resulting in them being unable to keep up with production or having inadequate inspections before starting the pump, leading to malfunctions after starting. These small issues can actually be avoided. It is crucial to perform adequate preparation and inspection work before starting the peristaltic pump, as explained below:

After purchasing a peristaltic pump, customers are concerned about mastering relevant technical information and cooperating with production processes to facilitate the use and commissioning of the equipment, thereby extending its service life and minimizing production costs for customers. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly understand the technical information provided by the peristaltic pump manufacturer.

After ensuring stable installation of the equipment, it is necessary to inspect all lubrication points of the peristaltic pump and add gear oil to ensure smooth operation of the equipment. Then, connect the main control box power supply and install standard wiring. At this point, do not immediately start the peristaltic pump. Instead, allow it to operate idle for three to five minutes to check for any abnormalities such as jamming or collisions. If no such issues occur, the pump can be put into normal production use. However, if any problems are detected, immediately shut down the pump for inspection and thorough troubleshooting to extend its service life.

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