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Comparison between Corrosion-resistant Peristaltic Pumps and Conventional Corrosion-resistant Pumps

time:2023-11-07 11:31:19from:JIHPUMP read:

        The grinding analysis of conventional pump for pumping normal corrosive medium:
1.Ordinary corrosion-resistance pump will be damaged by mechanical wear and corrosion medium erosion. In the production process of pump, there are many working environment and transportation medium, which is strong corrosive and corrosive, so the material has special request for the pump. The conventional pumps don’t only suffer corrosion also grinding of pump operation, because the conventional pumps will contact with pumped liquid directly. Under the wear and grind, the life of pump will be shorter, and  failure rate will rise.
2.In the process of pumping liquid, the cohesive high temperature pressure and impurity will further affect the pump life. A variety of chemicals and organic solvents often comes with high temperature, and a lot of medium will have phenomenon, such as high viscosity and large proportion. These phenomena are a severe test for the pump.
3.the conventional pump will accelerate self-damage and come with high speed and high shear.
        Problems existing in conventional mechanical pumps:
1.High shear: some chemical medium require for stable transferring and avoid tube-broken phenomenon and rushing impact.
2.the conventional pumps need filling water, or low suction process and weak self-suction ability, which will cause production uneasy.
3.The liquid accumulated in the pump, affecting cleaning and process.
4.maintenance and replacement of consumable parts are complicated.
        Above is from my experience in peristaltic pumps for years and just for reference. PPS peristaltic pump Chongqing Jieheng peristaltic pump Co. Ltd. production development, the pump head of which is made of PPS polymer materials, the pipes contacting internal material is a high functional engineering plastic tube (the tube made from different rubber can tolerate a variety of acid and other organic solvents, oils, fats, and under high temperature test) which can solve the problem of transporting chemicals well. It has long service life and convenient replacement of the tubes. It can completely solve all kinds of difficult problems of conventional corrosion-resistant pump, thus reducing production and engineering costs, and improving system stability.


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