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Advantages and Disadvantages of Peristaltic Pump

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        To discuss the advantages and disadvantages of peristaltic pumps, you need to start by understanding the basics of the peristaltic pump and the origin of the peristaltic pump name.

        The origin of the peristaltic pump name: peristaltic pump, from the literal meaning,seems that reptiles do as a regular ups and downs. The pump tube of the peristaltic pump is pressed and displaced by the press roller during the course of its work. With the displacement of the roller, the pump tube, which is not pressed by the rollers, will naturally rebound. This process is a peristaltic process, This peristaltic process will push the material inside the pump tubing, thus producing the effect of pumping, in which is peristaltic pump comes from.

        Principle of peristaltic pump: the principle of peristaltic pump is very simple. It is pumped by alternately pressing and releasing the pump tubing. Just as two fingers press a tube filled with liquid, as the fingers moves, the inlet end of the pump tube forms a negative pressure, the liquid in the pump tube flows following fingers, and the outlet of the pump tube flows out of the liquid.
Because of above principle of peristaltic pump, so peristaltic pump of JIHPUMP has the following advantages:

1.Non-pollution The fluid only passes through and contacts the peristaltic pump tubes, the tubes used by peristaltic pump are certificated by GMP, USP Class VI, FDA and NSF and other clean certification standards, not containing a variety of toxic and harmful substances. Because the tube can be replaced and disinfected easily, disinfection method due to the different pump tube can apply ethylene oxide (ETO), ray, 2.5Mradγ sterilization, sterilization pot, and can be disinfected by high temperature and pressure.
2.constant current, high precision and adjustable flow
Repeat high precision, stable performance, easy to adjust the flow. As the peristaltic pump constant volume for each turn, that the discharge of liquid reproduce the accuracy of is up to five thousandths, the general situation positive or negative 1%, so peristaltic pump of JIHPUMP also be called constant-current peristaltic pump. Peristaltic pump in the case of constant current and high precision can easily change the speed of the pump to achieve the flow of optional adjustment and calibration.  

3.low shear force
It is an ideal tool for conveying shear-sensitive, aggressive fluids. Low shear force is mainly for other conventional pumps such as impeller pumps and mechanical pumps, such as centrifugal pumps, when the impellers run, they will form shear force for the liquid. For some solid-containing liquid, this shear will cause fatal damage to the solid.
4.corrosion resistance
The pumps can transport a variety of fluids, such as organic machine, corrosive liquid. Some corrosive liquid will have invasive and decomposition damage on the impeller pump and other mechanical pumps. However, the peristaltic pump can replace the different the pump tube of different material, in order to achieve the delivery of different types of liquid, such as strong acid, sulfuric acid and other organic solvents.
Peristaltic pump can idle for long term. When no water transport, the pump can also transport air, gas-liquid-solid three-phase mixed. Peristaltic pump in the operation of the maximum speed of 600 rpm, the delivery of air will not produce too high temperature, and will not damage the pump. Therefore, peristaltic pump can pump air, liquid, solid-liquid mixture or gas-liquid-solid three-phase mixing.
6.Self-suction ability
Peristaltic can self-suck and need not to pump and empty. Due to the principle of peristaltic pump, the pump rollers will press the pump tube, the pump in the process of pump rollers’ displacement, at the inlet end of the pump will produce negative pressure to suck the liquid, so the peristaltic pump can self-suck, and need not to irrigate pump and empty. The height of the suction with the different pump tube hardness, can reach 5 meters, 8 meters or even higher water column suction capacity

7.cut-off valve function, not siphon, no seals
The pumps come with good sealing performance, shut-off valve and check valve function. The rollers of the peristaltic pump will always have a pump rollers to squeeze the pump tubes so that the liquid will only flow in the direction of the rollers’ movement without back-suction and check function. When the pump stops working,  the liquid will not flow back and siphon to form a shut-off valve function. The peristaltic pump therefore does not require any mechanical seals.
8.Two-way delivery function
As long as the pump is changed the direction of the rollers, it can be achieved anti-pumping and suction function. The peristaltic pump can pumped by the squeegee and displacement of the rollers so that the direction of the rollers rotation can be easily changed, making it easy to change the pumping direction.
9.Easy maintain
Just replace the peristaltic pump tubes, without valve and seals replacement. Since there are no valves and seals, the structure of the peristaltic pump is also very simple and reliable, so there is no need for special maintenance in addition to replacement of the pump tube.
10.Higher temperatures endurance
The maximum operating temperature of the peristaltic pump can reach 100 degrees Celsius. The peristaltic pump tubes can maintain resilience below temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, so the peristaltic pump can also deliver high temperature liquids constantly for long periods of time.

        The above is about the peristaltic pump some obvious advantages, due to the principle and characteristics of peristaltic pump, peristaltic pump also has some disadvantages

1.peristaltic pump will produce pulses
During the pumping process of the peristaltic pump, since the rollers needs to be released alternately, a liquid back suction occurs at the moment of release, causing in a sudden reduction in the discharge of the liquid, which can cause pulses of peristaltic pump delivery. To solve the peristaltic pump pulse, there are two ways, one is the use of dual pump head to the rollers angle dislocation installation, to achieve natural pulse offset; the second is the use of pulse dampers.
2.peristaltic pump tube is vulnerable parts
The pump tube of the peristaltic pump needs to be squeezed continuously by the rollers, so the tube is easily aged out, loss of elasticity or damaged in the case of continuous work. Usually under 100 rpm of continuous operation, the ordinary silicone pump tubes’ life is usually about 200 hours, some imported thermoplastic elastomer tubes’  life is up to 2000 hours or more. So the pump tube if the need for long-term operation or rarely replace the pump tube, customer had better reduce the speed of the peristaltic pump or longer life peristaltic pump tube.
3.Some peristaltic pump manufacturers said that the pressure generated by peristaltic pump is low, or peristaltic pump can not produce high pressure, in fact, this argument is not entirely normal. Indeed, most of peristaltic pumps produced by these manufacturers can only work within 3KG of pressure, but they may not have noticed that higher-pressure peristaltic pumps are present. These high-pressure peristaltic pumps usually require special design and manufacture, such as the need for higher pump strength, the pump tubes also requires higher hardness and resilience, through special design and manufacture, peristaltic pump pressure can reach 6KG Or more. Peristaltic pump tubes of JIHPUMP  pressure of which can reach 16bar.

        Summary: Peristaltic pump is a relatively special pump, the main advantage is that you can accurately and quantitatively transport the liquid. These advantages and disadvantages peristaltic pumps can be widely used in a variety of applications and projects as long as the pumps are understood and used correctly.


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