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Applications in Foaming Cement Machine

time:2023-05-28 16:44:08from:JIHPUMP read:

        Foaming cement is the ordinary foam cement paddle full foam, so that the original solid and dense cement evenly distributed within the tiny pores, the existence of these pores greatly reduce the density of cement. Due to the existence of stomatal density decreases, so foam cement has a good sound insulation noise, vibration isolation and so on. And because of the density of foamed cement is small, as the filling and the use of the wall and so reduce the amount of cement used, reducing the weight of the building body carrying capacity and many other advantages.
        Foam cement machine in the production of foaming cement will be used when the foaming agent, foaming agent of the precise and stable delivery will affect the degree of foaming, customers used to foam cement machine usually use ordinary gear pump, but in the production process The following problems exist:
1.Conveyance accuracy is poor, molding foaming cement foaming rate changes relatively large.
2.Foaming agent dosage is unstable, sometimes more and sometimes less, waste more.
3.Gear gear wear need to replace the gear, the serious need to replace the pump.
4.Traditional gear pump replacement and maintenance is too much trouble.

        Later, customers find Jay constant peristaltic pump, trial of the 153Yx peristaltic pump head, after process comparison can be a very good solution to customer problems encountered in the use of the above problems. Most importantly, the key indicator of the foaming rate of foamed cement produced after the use of a peristaltic pump head has been continuously assured, improving the quality and quality of the products produced by our customers. At the same time as the peristaltic pump accuracy of 1% accurate delivery to solve the waste of blowing agents, saving customers the cost.

        The production of 153Yx peristaltic pump produced by JIHPUMP Company is very strict with the imported materials. It can withstand the harsh construction environment such as high-strength corrosion and outdoor high temperature and high dust, ensuring the long-term stability of customer's equipment.

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