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Applications in Coating Equipment

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Industrial tubing pumps can be used for the production of finished and semi-finished products in the production of paints. The synthetic and resinous materials used in the production of paints may be accompanied by high temperatures and high viscosities while requiring a certain degree of precision.

Industrial tubing pumps can accurately convey all kinds of raw materials in the paint production process to meet the delivery of viscous raw materials and higher temperature raw materials and solve the acid and alkali corrosive effects in the process of raw material transportation.

JIH hose pump hose made of rubber, can withstand a variety of acid-base liquid corrosion, can run continuously for about 1000 hours, with the exception of the hose outside the other no easy loss of originals.

In large industrial production is usually recommended to run in parallel with two hose pumps, or a hose pump running the other one as a backup, so you can ensure that the production process can be continuous 24 hours a day, a pump repair or replacement The other hose can be switched quickly

When selecting a hose pump, consider servicing and setting up a backup hose pump whenever possible. Select a larger pump to ensure that the hose pump operates at a lower rpm.

Tubing pump application in the paint to ensure the fine production of paint. JIHPUMP company's engineers can provide you with systematic technical guidance, please contact us.

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