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Application of Peristaltic Pump Constant Flow Pump in Flue Gas Analyzer

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Peristaltic pump constant flow pump in the flue gas analyzer is mainly used for condensate water emissions, flue gas usually contains O2, CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, NH3 and other flue gas substances.
  We often receive feedback from many customers who use imported flue gas analyzers. The peristaltic pumps they used, such as Germany and other foreign flue gas analyzers, were damaged due to long hours of work. Later, they used the TH15 / TB-5RPM Peristaltic pump to replace, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.
Flue gas analyzer Peristaltic pump selection of some precautions, the flue gas analyzer environment is usually different flue gas substances, these substances in the condensate after the liquid is usually produced with a certain corrosive, so the choice of peristaltic pump to Note the following questions:
1.Peristaltic pump casing to choose anti-corrosion material, to ensure long-term corrosion in the corrosive gas environment is not corrosion cracking.
2.Peristaltic pump selection of the motor to be stable for a long time to ensure continuous analysis of flue gas online and stable work.
Peristaltic pump tube to be selected to withstand corrosion of the material.
4.Peristaltic pump flow to meet the process requirements to meet the premise, try to use low-speed pump to extend the pump life.
5.Peristaltic pump installation should pay attention to consider the damaged tube after the liquid leakage do not drip into the motor to prevent the flow of liquid into the burned motor, so do not install the motor vertically below the pump head.
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