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BT-600EL High IP Rating Series

  • Models:BT-600EL
  • Maximum channel quantity:6
  • Reference flow rate:≤3365ml/min
■ Aluminum alloy die-casting fully enclosed chassis, with a protection level of IP54 (preventing dust and water splashing), suitable for high dust, high humidity, etc.Multiple harsh environmental usage conditions;
■ Four digit LED digital tube displays real-time speed, with a display resolution of 0.1rpm;
■ The stepper motor is driven by 8 subdivisions, with high precision and small resonance;
■ The membrane key is used to change the speed, rotation direction, start and stop, and the speed and rotation direction can be adjusted during operation;
■ Equipped with three major functions: flow rate, timing, and filling;
■ Automatic recognition of foot switch, automatic and infrared sensing function for filling;
■ The pump can be controlled by external control methods such as 0~5V/0~10V/4~20mA/MODBUS to start, stop, reverse, and rotate speed;
■ The product is compatible with 153Yx/253Yx/DGx peristaltic pump heads, with multiple flow rates to select.

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